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Mary Dean Deanm at edgehill.ac.uk
Wed Feb 10 04:26:55 CST 2010

Hi Kip,

I've just started to investigate digital readers as a substitution for paper copies of committee meeting papers. The only one I have tried so far is the Sony e-reader PRS 505. I haven't used it for journal articles but downloaded a large pdf format file. This reader has 3 font sizes / magnifier and I found I needed the middle size and consequently one page of pdf takes several pages of e-reader. Charts were a problem as the magnify facility didn't work with them and they were illegible as they were too small. There is no annotation facility with this version, but the Sony Touch Edition PRS 600 has this facility using a stylus and also touch screen. I should get one of these to trial very soon. 

As I'm based in the UK not all those available in USA are available here (e.g. nook). With the Kindle, from what I've read, pdf is not supported as such but Amazon offer a file conversion, at a cost per document. I'm working on this project and would be pleased to share experiences. 


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>>> "Kipling (Kip) Will" <kipwill at berkeley.edu> 07/02/2010 16:10 >>>
As a daily train commuter I am interested in purchasing a digital reader 
and I would like to hear from anyone that has been using one to read 
current journal articles and older material, e.g. from BHL or archive.org.

Online reviews indicate that different devises have various modes of 
accessing documents and costs/limitations to convert formats. Also, I 
would be interested in what people think about readability of technical 
articles in this format. I have looked at reviews of the Kindle, Nook 
and IRex, but there are many more and few people read our type of 


Kipling W. Will
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