[Taxacom] new nomina nuda (was Re: e-only taxonomic publication)

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Wed Feb 10 23:05:22 CST 2010

Stephen Thorpe wrote:

"I am not aware that any new taxon names actually have ever been made available on CD ROM, without printed paper, but if there are any, I'd sure like to know ... "

You don't want to know, believe me. In its library my museum has a 2000-vintage CD-ROM which describes ca 200 new spp. and includes the note

"This work is issued according to Article 8 of ICZN (1999) in order to provide a public and permanent record.  In compliance with this Article, identical versions of the current monograph on CD read-only laser disk have been lodged at the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston; Museum of Victoria, Melbourne; Australian Museum, Sydney; Museum of Natural History, London; the Smithsonian Institution, Washington; and Te Papa, Wellington, NZ.  A copy of the work will be sent to the Zoological Record, BIOSIS, UK."

There must be others. Whether these CD-ROM publications have been transferred to HDDs or migrated in other ways - who knows?
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