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Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Fri Feb 12 12:59:10 CST 2010

Doug Yanega wrote:

> I think it's important that folks FULLY appreciate the tragic 
> accuracy and import of Wolfgang's comment; it is indeed a sobering 
> thought that serious taxonomists doing serious research for the 
> advancement of science - and publishing in a premier journal - should 
> be told that their taxon names are worthless...

* has this been discussed with the authors of the names, and with the 
editors of Science? Someone could publish a little note, perhaps about 
depositing copies of the Science appendices in 10 libraries, in such a 
way that the names would retain the original authorship *in* the 
publication of the correction.

I know this isn't a structural correction, but it would alert Science to 
the problem, and deal with the present case.

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