[Taxacom] Xandaros Re: Clients for biodiversity informatics

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Fri Feb 19 03:57:10 CST 2010

Hi Tony,

As an aside I pointed out to one of those decapod experts in early 2008
that the fossil crustacean genus Xandaros was a junior homonym to a
polychaete.  So it's surprising to see no annotation to that effect made
it into their listing. Both Xandaros authors are also aware it's a
homonym. Leastways the one I know was going to contact the other. Have
heard nothing since. The junior Xandaros is still listed as valid in the
Paleobiology Database. (However, the genus Thia is senior in decapods to 2
other names, and seems unused in polychaetes, so they're probably correct
to include it as valid.)

Also just discovered the senior Xandaros was misspelled as Xanadros in
WoRMS (and in downstream databases, eg EOL
http://www.eol.org/pages/3096369. Now fixed ... upstream at least :-)


>>> <Tony.Rees at csiro.au> 02/19/10 5:22 PM >>>
- A team of 13 experts have just (late last year) published the "be all
and end all", most up-to-date, authoritative systematic treatment of
decapod crustaceans down to genus level. I have just been looking through
the 2726 genera they list (with relevant higher classification etc.) and
comparing these names with names presently on my "IRMNG" master genus list
for everything - in principle looking to upgrade my own classification,
also add in any names not previously held. In doing this, I discovered 31
potential preoccupied names, potentially of interest to the authors, viz:

Alcockia, Allogalathea, Arcotheres, Boreas, Duncania, Eoplax, Euclosia,
Feldmannia, Forestia, Forsteria, Laurentiella, Lissopsis, Loerentheya,
Meriola, Mithrax, Naxia, Noetlingia, Odhneria, Oxythyreus, Pelagopenaeus,
Psaumis, Pseudomicippe, Quadrella, Rathbunella, Stratiotes, Syphax, Thia,
Villalobosus, Wanga, Xandaros, Zehntneria

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