[Taxacom] bioinformatics ignored etc

Stephen Thorpe s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Feb 21 14:11:20 CST 2010

actually Bob, my "beetle example" is a fly! Both Stuckenbergina genera are flies...

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Stephen Thorpe's beetle example and Tony Rees' examples reminded me that the original ZooBank vision for registration included checking of new names to see if they were preoccupied:

"3. ZooBank will check the submitted details automatically, and the author will receive a response stating whether or not the name or act meets the provisions of the Code, and if a proposed name is a junior homonym." (http://www.iczn.org/ZooBank_Paper5.htm)

I thought at the time it was a great idea when coupled with *mandatory* registration. Still think it's a great idea.

I also note that Stuckenbergina Oldroyd, 1962 pops up very quickly either in Nomenclator Zoologicus (http://uio.mbl.edu/NomenclatorZoologicus/) or ION (http://www.organismnames.com/). Sigh.
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