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Dear Fabian,

In light of recent discussions on Taxacom at least, perhaps you could check the following (if you have not already done so) and report back if any of them are more or less useful, relevant, and/or complete for your needs, since many of them also include entry points to relevant literature:





Probably others on this list can suggest more, as well.

In the case of the last mentioned (the database with which I am associated), clicking the link "full ref." after any listed genus name will take you to the original publication details for that genus, where available e.g. from the relevant Nomenclator Zoologicus entry or elsewhere. I know this is not everything you ask for, but it may be a start if you are unable to find a more structured key to the genera.

Another way might be to do a geographically restricted search for relevant records in Kenya (if any) via the GBIF Portal i.e. using http://data.gbif.org/countries/ .

Also if you have access to the commercial provider Zoological Record, a "topic" search for "Coccinellidae" and "Kenya" in combination may turn up exactly what you need.

Good luck!

Regards - Tony Rees

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Dear All,

we would need help to identify some Coccinellidae found in the Kenyan 
Highlands. Does anybody have a literature citation or a weblink, so we 
can progress to the genus or even species level?

Thanks for the help!



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