[Taxacom] Ethics? Whose name should be written on a publication as an Author?

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Tue Feb 23 07:41:45 CST 2010

At 02:54 AM 2/23/2010, Levent Can wrote:
>I am asking this because I experienced a situation a few days ago. The
>situation was briefly like this:

Hm.  I personally have never minded the addition of marginally involved 
people if there was a good reason for it ("the more the merrier" is my 
motto), but EXCLUDING someone involved is really, really wrong.  No 
possible excuse for that.  It is the worst sort of dishonesty and theft.

Authorship of a paper comes down to a matter of intellectual property 
rights, something we're still a little uncertain of in society as a 
whole.  Rather vague and nebulous.

I think that rather than hard-and-fast percentages, I would say that the 
authorship of a paper should be mutually agreeable to all, i.e., that it 
should be a negotiated thing.  One person deciding it fiat is wrong.

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