[Taxacom] Ethics? Whose name should be written on a publication as an Author?

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Tue Feb 23 12:40:02 CST 2010

At 12:06 PM 2/23/2010, Robin Leech wrote:
>Professors who know nothing of the work the student is doing often put
>their own names as first author on the paper when it is published, and that
>of the student second or last.

In my experience, this is most often a problem in labs where the professor 
is worried about his/her number of pubs, or in very large labs where the 
professor is more like a CEO with employees than a mentor with 
apprentices.  I was very fortunate to have a major professor who insisted 
on an honest authorship.  Your dissertation was your work; his name did not 
go on it.  With side-projects, whomever did the greater portion of the work 
(usually the student) went first.

 >>Science Fiction means not truthful, and Science Friction means the lack 
of ability to work together, or lack of cooperation, between scientists.<<

Which highlights my point that authorship should be negotiated and 
agreeable to all parties.


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