[Taxacom] Ethics? Whose name should be written on a publication asan Author?

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Tue Feb 23 13:46:37 CST 2010

At 01:35 PM 2/23/2010, Robin Leech wrote:
>Well, when I was in the throes of getting my MSc thesis published
>in the latter part of the previous century, I asked my professor if he
>would be second author.
>Without missing a beat, he said, "If I did as much work on your
>thesis to enable me to be able to be second author, then I hereby take
>away your MSc degree.  I get my glory in the Acknowledgements."

Exactly.  That was my major prof's attitude as well.  He did not feel that 
providing lab space, funding, and direction equaled co-authorship.  Some 
feel otherwise, and it seems to be accepted practice in many quarters so I 
shan't say it is "bad".


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