[Taxacom] the decline of taxonomy in N.Z.: a further example

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Fri Feb 26 19:04:19 CST 2010

Without trying to sound like I'm being "difficult" (because I am not), you can't claim one thing (that my grasp of the details is clearly flawed), and then when I demonstrate otherwise, retort with the claim that I'm clearly never going to admit that it is flawed, combined with a covert shift of criticism to saying that what you really mean is that it isn't a good example for my subject header! Then, in your next paragraph, you seem to be agreeing in broad principle with what I am trying to say!! At the end of the day, the Phytophthora example was just that - an example. If you agree in broad principle with what that example was intended to illustrate, then please don't word your responses in such a prima facie negative way to what I actually said! The important point is this: do you perceive a devaluing of taxonomy in N.Z. (and the world ) today? I certainly do ...


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