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Bob Mesibov wrote:

>  The short and simple answer to 'What can I do to help the planet?' is 'Don't have kids.'

* or perhaps: that sexual reproduction allows everybody to have a kid 
while collapsing the population to half of what it was in each 
generation. As I say in http://pinicola.ca/HOW2beta.pdf -

* "Since about the mid-1950's (Daniel Janzen’s ‘Bulldozeric Era’) it has 
been apparent to... reasonable People that excessive human population 
(coupled with lifestyles of debauched consumerism and the exploitive 
search for wealth) is the great peril of the Earth. As parents, 
therefore, such reasonable People have conceived the small number of 
children it was appropriate to bring into an over-crowded habitat only 
in the hope that their children, growing up in a home where the welfare 
of the Earth had first or high priority, could work disproportionately 
effectively to harmonize humanity's tenure on this planet. This has been 
especially true in commercial lands where traditions of over-consumption 
require reasonable People to live conspicuously more frugally than their 
neighbours, and where each child nonetheless imposes a heavy load on the 
species and ecosystems exploited by the ambient economy.

"Despite this, the children of reasonable People live among multitudes 
who evidently had their origin in thoughtless or anachronistic 
couplings. Like warriors sprung from dragon's teeth sown by some 
business-hero of old, these commercial masses seem determined to wring 
the last orgiastic shreds of evil from the exploitationist way of life. 
Revelling in willful ignorance of their surroundings, they have somehow 
convinced governments to forget the hard-won insights of the first half 
of the 20th century, and to establish exploitationist consumerist greed 
as the normative creed in most of the nations of the Earth. Governments, 
accordingly, insist that all their citizens be economically motivated by 
nothing higher than the obsessive, all-consuming, never-ending, and 
insatiable religion of 'hoping for fiscal gain.'"

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