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At 01:34 AM 2/27/2010, Bob Mesibov wrote:
>An excellent place to get an overview of the connections between 
>biodiversity loss and the multitude of non-scientific issues that 
>affect environmental management is the UN's Global Environmental 
>Outlook. Please see the biodiversity chapter in GEO4 (2007): 
>A cynic (who, me?) might argue that the main reason people want 
>biodiversity data before making decisions is that collecting and 
>dealing with such data is a lot easier than changing anything else, 
>e.g. societal attitudes and market pressures. In any case, the grand 
>agreement of the Convention on Biological Diversity to significantly 
>slow the loss of biodiversity by 2010 was doomed to fail. In the 18 
>years since that binding international treaty was signed, the 
>world's human population has increased by ca 25%.

Hey, maybe we could consult the Chinese for insights as to how to 
deal with this population issue!

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