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Dear Geoff,

Thanks for this, the ICZN book enabled me to capture a couple of  
hundred more articles. I'll take a look at the other publications  as  



On 29 Dec 2009, at 23:41, Geoff Read wrote:

> Very nice Rod. I have a caveat though, and it is that Opinions were  
> once
> published in a separate serial, and not under The Bulletin, thus  
> there may
> be a blank in your collection for part of the date range. This  
> journal was
> called "Opinions and Declarations Rendered by the International  
> Commission
> on Zoological Nomenclature" (or just "Opinions Rendered ..." or
> "International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature, Opinions and
> Declarations"). I don't have access at the moment to my normal  
> resources
> to give the date range but it would have been published during the  
> 1940s
> and 1950s. Others will know a lot more about how it fitted into the  
> output I expect, and when there was overlap if any with the  
> Bulletin.  It
> doesn't seem to have been digitised, but I  haven't searched hard. The
> earliest issues republished earlier Opinions. Details may be in the  
> book
> on ICZN by Melville.
> minimal entry at: http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/5900905
> Geoff
>>>> Roderic Page <r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk> 12/24/09 11:32 PM >>>
> As part of my efforts to find articles in the Biodiversity Heritage
> Library I've located some 1600 articles in the Bulletin of Zoological
> Nomenclature http://biostor.org/issn/0007-5167
> This is still rather incomplete, and the search interface to BioStor
> is pretty rubbish. However, you can browse Opinion by viewing the
> publications of two rather prolific authors:
> Opinion http://biostor.org/author/1085
> R V Melville http://biostor.org/author/505

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