[Taxacom] SynTax grant scheme (UK applicants only)

James Cotton j.a.cotton at qmul.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 05:14:35 CST 2010


The Systematics and Taxonomy (SynTax) research grant is a new  
programme for supporting Systematics and Taxonomy research in the UK.  
The grant scheme is designed to provide short-term funding for  
preliminary research with a view to stimulating high quality taxonomy  
and systematics-related research proposals to the UK's Research  
Councils. The scheme is supported by the BBSRC and NERC UK research  
councils with additional funding available from DEFRA for work that  
focuses upon UK BAP priority species.  The scheme follows on from the  
Collaborative Systematics (CoSyst) scheme, through which a number of  
projects have gone on to receive responsive mode funding. The grant  
can provide funding of £5k to £30k for projects with a substantial  
systematic/phylogenetic/taxonomic component. Closing date for  
applications is the 31st January 2010.

Details of the scheme, can be found at: http://www.systass.org/awards/syntax.shtml
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