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Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Thu Jan 7 13:04:37 CST 2010

Hi Rod,

On Sunday, 3 January 2010 9:37 AM you wrote:

(Tony Rees said:)
>> - How much of this overlaps the scope / planned activities of
>> ZooBank for legacy content (as opposed to future nomenclatorial
>> acts), and are the two approaches similar / compatible / divergent...

> I've no idea what ZooBank plan in this area. My focus is making the
> literature discoverable and linkable, I see no conflict with anything
> ZooBank might plan.

I guess my concern is not really with conflict but with drawing threads together / avoiding duplication of effort / ("enter once, use many times"). My understanding of ZooBank - from conversations with Rich Pyle at least - is that it could/should be the central index/register of animal names in zoology and their associated bibliographic citations, together with references to acts (e.g. in this instance, as published by the ICZN) that subsequently impact on their validity etc. So the functionality you describe would seem directly relevant to ZooBank activities - in principle, either ZooBank would be doing this in the future (and also hopefully retrospectively) so you will not have to, or vice versa, with the result then ported into ZooBank - also ideally with onward links to the original sections of works via the BHL as you demonstrate. I think the only difference is starting point - you are starting with the BHL, ZooBank with the taxon names, but the territory is (or should be) the same, at least in this instance. So I do think my question is relevant, and should be part of the forward planning for such activities, and if anyone else would care to comment here, I'd certainly be interested (Rich??)...

You might ask why I care about this - the reason is that it is exactly the service I need for my activities (indeed have done a fair degree of this already in my spare time, but not had a reason to post it anywhere publicly) and would much rather someone else had already done it...!!

Regards - Tony

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