[Taxacom] Vitis vinifera nomenclature

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Mon Jan 11 10:37:54 CST 2010

At 10:20 AM 1/11/2010, jbb31 at duke.edu wrote:
>Flora Europea lists the cultivated form as Vitis vinifera L. subsp. vinifera,
>and the cultivated form as Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (C.C. Gmelin)
>Hegi.  Unfortunately IPNI does not list the latter name as a subspecies, only
>listing Vitis sylvestris C.C. Gmel.

IPNI lacks a great many infraspecific names because Index Kewensis did not 
include them.  I suspect the Hegi name is from Gustav Hegi,

Illustrierte Flora von Mittel-Europa.

There were numerous infraspecific names validated there in Campanulaceae.

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