[Taxacom] Monkey Community greatly relieved

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Wed Jan 13 14:19:29 CST 2010

>It fell on deaf ears when she tried to explain the difference
>between "a common ancestor" and "monkey ancestors".

Irrelevant to folks of that mindset.  The mere suggestion that our species 
arose by natural processes rather than divine fiat is anathema.  You have 
committed heresy by suggesting that our kinship is with ANY sort of beast 
rather than with the angels.

You may be saying, "The evidence suggests that our human species diverged 
from a common ancestor with chimps and gorillas or orangutans ..."  but 
what they HEAR is, "The beliefs you have cherished since childhood are 
stupid.  What mother and Reverend Lovejoy and Mrs. Magillicuddy in Sunday 
School told you was a lie.  The Bible is a lie.  You're stupid to have 
believed such tripe for so long."

Viewed that way, their rancor is understandable.  That's why efforts such 
as the Clergy Letter Project 
(http://www.butler.edu/clergyproject/rel_evol_sun.htm) are so important.

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