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Wed Jan 13 14:27:06 CST 2010

Kind of like the IDEA of an all powerful, caring god who cherishes the
poor would choose Port-a-Prince to hit with a 7.0 earthquake, leaving 2
million, mostly desperately poor people without water, and with no way to
get it might, have some GAPS in it.

While the God-Fearing pray for them, I ask anyone who can to contribute to
their local Red Cross Haiti fund as soon as possible.


>>It fell on deaf ears when she tried to explain the difference
>>between "a common ancestor" and "monkey ancestors".
> Irrelevant to folks of that mindset.  The mere suggestion that our species
> arose by natural processes rather than divine fiat is anathema.  You have
> committed heresy by suggesting that our kinship is with ANY sort of beast
> rather than with the angels.
> You may be saying, "The evidence suggests that our human species diverged
> from a common ancestor with chimps and gorillas or orangutans ..."  but
> what they HEAR is, "The beliefs you have cherished since childhood are
> stupid.  What mother and Reverend Lovejoy and Mrs. Magillicuddy in Sunday
> School told you was a lie.  The Bible is a lie.  You're stupid to have
> believed such tripe for so long."
> Viewed that way, their rancor is understandable.  That's why efforts such
> as the Clergy Letter Project
> (http://www.butler.edu/clergyproject/rel_evol_sun.htm) are so important.
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