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Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Wed Jan 13 14:50:39 CST 2010

At 02:30 PM 1/13/2010, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
>Funny though, you seem just as uncompromisingly convinced in your beliefs 
>as they are in theirs!

Hm.  I think you read what you wished into my post.  Please read it again 
carefully.  I didn't express my beliefs.  I was merely seeking to help 
folks understand the mindset of the devout, how they HEAR us, in order to 
(like the Clergy Letter Project) find common ground and tone down the 
rancor.  It is all very easy to dismiss Creationists as nut-cases and 
loonies, but not particularly helpful.  We must understand that the things 
we speak about with such assurance attack the core of their beliefs.

Let me put it more simply: If there was no Creation, there was no Adam and 
Eve.  If there was no Adam & Eve, there was no Fall from Grace.  If there 
was no Fall from Grace, there was no need of universal redemption.  If 
there is no need for universal redemption, there was no need for the 
sacrifice on Calvary, and the entire Christian faith is a sham.  THAT is 
what we are up against, and that is what more enlightened Christians are 
trying to combat as well.

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