[Taxacom] Monkey Community greatly relieved

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Wed Jan 13 15:13:24 CST 2010

At 03:05 PM 1/13/2010, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
>No, I still think that religious people are interpreting science in 
>religious language and concepts, thereby finding spurious contradiction 
>with their beliefs, and scientists are interpreting religious teachings in 
>scientific language and concepts, thereby finding it to be in 
>contradiction with science.

Well, that may very well be for "people", but it has nothing to do with the 
fact that is was *I* who was accused of exemplifying this shortsightedness 
DESPITE my attempt to help one side see things through the eyes of the 
other.  I do not care to be publicly criticized for transgressions I've not 

FWIW, I personally do not believe in The Big Invisible Friend,  but I do 
not like to see people behave in a close-minded and intolerant fashion.

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