[Taxacom] Our Monkey Ancestors

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>What shall we make of this scientific discovery?
It is worse than that: cladistically speaking, either (1) humans, monkeys, birds, frogs, etc. are all fish; or (2) there is no such thing as fish (cladistically speaking) - they are just a paraphyletic assemblage of plesiomorphic vertebrates ... If (2), then all those fishing quota laws are about something that doesn't exist! :)

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Monkeys paraphyletic w.r.t. apes? Are they then paraphyletic w.r.t.
humans? Are humans cladistically monkeys following the principle of
holophyly? What shall we make of this scientific discovery?

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I just want to point out that it is easy to criticise others with
different views, but in this case if, as you say, monkeys are
paraphyletic w.r.t. apes, then a person who "lumps apes in with monkeys"
has actually got a good point, cladistically speaking! And spiders do
tend to be studied in entomology departments, and often in entomology
journals, so one could be charitable and interpret "insects" in the wide
sense of insects and allies, rather than in the strict sense of Hexapoda
(and what about Parainsecta, are they insects? It gets complicated ...)

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