[Taxacom] Our Monkey Ancestors

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Tell me about it!  The other day I was fishing and caught, I thought, my limit of six fish.  Just my luck that the game warden who inspected me was a cladist.  He counted my Labrador retriever, and I was one fish over the limit.

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>What shall we make of this scientific discovery?
It is worse than that: cladistically speaking, either (1) humans, monkeys, birds, frogs, etc. are all fish; or (2) there is no such thing as fish (cladistically speaking) - they are just a paraphyletic assemblage of plesiomorphic vertebrates ... If (2), then all those fishing quota laws are about something that doesn't exist! :)

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Monkeys paraphyletic w.r.t. apes? Are they then paraphyletic w.r.t.
humans? Are humans cladistically monkeys following the principle of
holophyly? What shall we make of this scientific discovery?


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