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Hi Alexey,

Looks good - would be improved (I think) by quoting the authorship and date for each name as well.

You need to be clear whether or not you are only including validly published cases in your lists - presumably the former - because there are *lots* of invalid ones too (i.e. junior as well as senior homonyms in each code, sometimes not always clear which is the valid instance in some cases because of nomina nuda etc.) - e.g. see example from my database:


Regards - Tony

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Dear colleagues,

I made a little on-line service for so-called "hemihomonyms", same names in different nomenclature codes: http://herba.msu.ru/shipunov/os/homonyms/index.php

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

With best wishes,

Alexey Shipunov
Encyclopedia of Life
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA


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