[Taxacom] Our Monkey Ancestors

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Quite recently, I read "Trying leviathan", by D. G. Burnett (2007) -  
subtitle is "The nineteenth century New York court case that put the  
whale on trial and challenged the order of nature". Definitely  
relevant and an excellent read (is the whale a fish? - real question:  
should whale oil be taxed/inspected liked bony fish oil?); what we  
(think we) know, and what others (think they) know, what courts  
decide, and how local pols subvert the whole process...

On Jan 14, 2010, at 2:41 PM, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

>> What shall we make of this scientific discovery?
> It is worse than that: cladistically speaking, either (1) humans,  
> monkeys, birds, frogs, etc. are all fish; or (2) there is no such  
> thing as fish (cladistically speaking) - they are just a  
> paraphyletic assemblage of plesiomorphic vertebrates ... If (2),  
> then all those fishing quota laws are about something that doesn't  
> exist! :)
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> Monkeys paraphyletic w.r.t. apes? Are they then paraphyletic w.r.t.
> humans? Are humans cladistically monkeys following the principle of
> holophyly? What shall we make of this scientific discovery?
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> I just want to point out that it is easy to criticise others with
> different views, but in this case if, as you say, monkeys are
> paraphyletic w.r.t. apes, then a person who "lumps apes in with  
> monkeys"
> has actually got a good point, cladistically speaking! And spiders do
> tend to be studied in entomology departments, and often in entomology
> journals, so one could be charitable and interpret "insects" in the  
> wide
> sense of insects and allies, rather than in the strict sense of  
> Hexapoda
> (and what about Parainsecta, are they insects? It gets  
> complicated ...)
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