[Taxacom] HHDB: hemihomonyms

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Mon Jan 18 17:23:43 CST 2010

Unique identifiers are already in use in at least some major projects that I am aware of. Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, Encyclopedia of Life, GBIF, to name a few, are using LSIDS, variously for taxa ('potential'), names, and specimen records.  
I don't know what the nomenclators are doing, but I'm sure others can enlighten us.

Karen Wilson
RBG Sydney

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it's not 250 years too late, it's just the right moment to do things
properly and "make nails with head". The ship has sailed well for 250 years,
so why not renew some sails and make it fit for the electronic media?

First of all, what we do need NOW is the index of ALL available taxonomic
names. In particular, we need ZooBank for zoological names - lion's share of
all taxonomic names! There's a heavy burden of homonyms even within the
zoological domain, as we all know. The Code has the answers what to do with
them. What we need to invent is something that makes homonyms and other
complex nomenclatural situations digestible for the computer. We can do it,
- or wolframalpha will do it for us...;)

In a central index, wouldn't it make sense to have permanent and globally
unique *name strings* for all available names? I imagine, such strings can
be formed in a way that even complex nomenclatural situations are
understandable by computers and humans. Many benefits come to mind from such
a service!

Best wishes,

Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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