[Taxacom] Temp housing of collections during renovation

Richard Olmstead olmstead at u.washington.edu
Fri Jan 22 12:35:53 CST 2010

The Burke Museum at the University of Washington is in preplanning 
for a renovation/expansion of our existing building.  During the 
construction phase, it is anticipated that all collections housed in 
the existing building will need to be moved out and stored elsewhere 
for a period of two years (this will not affect the herbarium or fish 
collection, which are housed in different buildings).

To help with our planning, it would be very helpful to hear from 
others who have been through this.  For example:

How much access was provided during the eviction period?

What activities continued and what ones were shut down (eg, loans? 
visitors? walk-in access?)?

How did this affect research activity on the collections (eg, on-site 
or of-site)?

Were you able to continue accessioning new specimens?

Was space provided for all of your collections in one location, or 
were they scattered?

How were staffing levels impacted during this period?

What experiences did you have that worked well, or didn't work so well?

Please send your replies to directly to me at:  olmstead at uw.edu

Dick Olmstead
Richard Olmstead
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