[Taxacom] uncertainty about priority - botanical code question

Karolina Fucikova karolina.fucikova at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 13:18:02 CST 2010

Dear taxacom members,
I am facing a taxonomic problem and would appreciate any help you can give
The issue concerns two algae that were both named in 1934. One was published
in the Bulletin de la Société botanique de Genève, vol. 25. the other was in
Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft, vol. 43. For both of
these journals, this was the only issue that year. These two names will
likely be synonymized, so it is important to determine which one has
priority. I am still working on figuring out which month each of these
bulletins was issued, so far without any luck. So, here are the questions:
Is there a way to find out the exact date of publication for these
bulletins? The month doesn't seem to be printed on the cover.
If it turns out to be impossible to find out which name was published
earlier, what are the rules for priority in that case?
Thanks in advance for help.
Karolina Fucikova

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