[Taxacom] Symposium “Evolution and Palaeoclimate" - Budapest 6-10 July 2010

Alexandra Muellner muellner_alexandra at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 28 08:30:37 CST 2010

Dear colleagues,
we would like to invite you to participate in the NECLIME symposium
“Evolution and palaeoclimate - molecular phylogenetic approaches
and the Cenozoic plant fossil record” at the 8th European Palaeobotany
- Palynology Conference (EPPC) in Budapest, 6 to 10 July 2010. Oral as
well as poster presentations are welcome. Registration is to be done
online at http://www.eppc2010.org/. The deadline for abstract submission
is 15 March 2010.
The symposium will focus on the Cenozoic. We encourage colleagues to
present contributions using phylogenetic approaches to
 analyze the
evolution of
 biodiversity and biogeography of plant families. 
Topics covered:
- Morphological and molecular phylogenetic trees integrating living and
fossil taxa
- Applying new techniques to taxonomic studies of fossils using a
refined taxonomic resolution for palaeoclimate reconstructions
We hope to see you soon in Budapest!
Kind regards,
convenors Svetlana Popova (celenkova at gmail.com) and Alexandra Nora
Muellner (alexandra.muellner at senckenberg.de)

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