[Taxacom] Pro-natalism vs. biodiversity and population dynamics

Pierre Deleporte pierre.deleporte at univ-rennes1.fr
Fri Jan 29 05:57:22 CST 2010

I fear there is no strict genetic "program" for human behavior, no more 
than strict cultural "program",
modern ethology aknowleges the entangled mix of developmental processes 
both biological and cultural
so, culture may do a lot for shaping behavior... this or that way

now, it remains true that the importance of the biological component of 
human societies, to begin with "numbers", has certainly been 
traditionally underestimated by social sciences
biological laws put limits to what is culturally and technologically 

(note also that psychology is in fact biological, in a modern scientific 


 Hans Henderickx a écrit :
> Unfortunately Bob is right, the laws of population dynamics also apply to 
> the human race. It would be naive to suppose that we could save the meadow 
> by teaching the sheep to eat less or less selective, the next year there 
> will just be more sheep.
> It is the number of individuals that counts, and not the way species behave: 
> the latter is programmed in the genes. Banning 4weel vehicles and promoting 
> solar energy will prolongue the process just a negligible bit.
> Hans Henderickx
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