[Taxacom] impact of taxonomic work

Felix Sperling felix.sperling at ualberta.ca
Fri Jan 29 14:25:20 CST 2010

Hello Taxacom people,

A few months(?) ago there was a very interesting posting on Taxacom  
about ways of measuring the impact of taxonomic publications. Someone  
pointed out that the number of web links to an article was an  
instructive alternative to the classic impact factor, and that this  
kind of analysis showed that articles in Zootaxa got as many web  
links as articles in Cell or Science.

My problem is that I can't locate that posting again. Can anyone help  
out by pointing out where in the archives of Taxacom I can find this  
posting, or even where else I might be able to get more information  
on this approach, specifically regarding how it relates to taxonomy?

Thanks in advance!

Felix Sperling

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