[Taxacom] Sending museum alcohol specimens to Estonia?

John Clay Bruner jbruner at ualberta.ca
Fri Jan 29 17:57:54 CST 2010

Can someone please help me?

I need to send 36 skin samples taken from 5 Scorpaeniform fishes to  
Estonia.  The skin samples are taken from museum specimens from the  
University of Alberta Zoology Museum alcohol fish collection.

Each skin sample, was wrapped in cheesecloth, dipped in ethanol to  
moisten the cheesecloth, and then placed in a waterproof screwtop  
vial. Each set of vials from one specimen was then placed in a  
waterproof plastic bag, and then packed in a second waterproof plastic  
bag. All five sets of bags were placed in another waterproof bag and  
then placed in a waterproof styrofoam shipping container. The  
University of Alberta shipper refuses to send the specimens out  
because the box contains "DANGEROUS GOODS", namely ethanol. There is  
less than 1 ml of ethanol in the entire container. Thee is less  
ethanol in the container than there is in a box of chocolates. How do  
Zoology Museums bypass the stupid antiterrorist regulations for  
shipping alcohol preserved specimens?

Can someone direct me to a specific exemption for museums in the  
shipping regulations for international shipping?   Thank you.

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