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characteristics of organisms/individuals change through evolution so ... it's 'evolution of the constituent organism of the higher taxon ...' and 'a set of organisms grouped into two or more species which constitute a genus' ... 'organisms/individuals die off ...' and 'the characteristics of the organisms/individuals which define the species which constitute the genus change and thus the genus changes'
I guess that's enough dancing angels for one day :-)


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I don't think genera and higher categories are necessarily generated by
"human imagination." There is lots of discussion of evolution of higher
taxa in the literature.

Consider a set of species all sharing some fairly neutral generic traits
(ones that for that bauplan don't affect selection in the different
environments of the different species). Well suppose all environments
dry out. All species of the genus that can't take it, die off, the
remainder survive, and future speciation is necessarily constrained to
dry habitats. The genus thus evolves. The shared genetic basis is
mediated by the environment as a kind of "envirosome."

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Hi Steve,
The possible reason is that species are real, and that all categories
genera on up the hierarchy represent human imagination.


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