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E. Parmasto in "Problems of species and genus in fungi". Tallinn, 1986: 26:
     "... The reality of species _category_ and species _taxa_ have been
confused; but the main reason of the controversy is that almost none
of the biologists arguing for reality has defined _what reality is._
Already Beckner (1959: 67) has said: "... the term "real" is
sugestive of the intent, but hardly adequate for communicating
precisely what systematists have in mind". The author of this paper
agrees with A.A. Ljubishchev (1982) and R.S. Karpinskaja (1984) that
all that exists is real, but there are several kinds and different
degrees of reality. Moreover, "the term reality includes not only
knowledge but also conviction" (Karpinskaja, 1984: 87).
     I have nothing to add - after 24 years...
N, 1. juuli, 17:59, Paul Kirk kirjutas:
> organisms are real, museum/herbarium specimens are real, DNA is real ...
> species are in the same category as genera ... they are just closer to
> the real organism in the hierarchy.
> Paul
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> Hi Steve,
> The possible reason is that species are real, and that all categories
> from genera on up the hierarchy represent human imagination.
> Robin
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