[Taxacom] new whale genus name is preoccupied

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Jul 1 20:04:19 CDT 2010

At 2:19 PM -1000 7/1/10, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
>This may have some relevant info: 
>but I can only access the first page (perhaps someone has access to 
>the whole article?)
>again, it suggests that the BHL version of Koch (1841) isn't the original ...

The BMNH library catalogue of books clears up the matter of editions. 
The first edition is 16 pp. and the second edition is 20 pp. (both 
dated 1841). The BHL copy is of the second edition, which also clears 
up the matter of the name. Two spellings were in the original 1841 
edition. The author used only Leviathan in the second edition, which 
satisfied Article 24.2.4 of an author acting as First Reviser in 
selecting among multiple original spellings by use of one in a 
subsequent publication.

Thus, Leviathan Koch is an available name as of 1841.


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