[Taxacom] barcode of life wins Ebbe Nielsen Prize

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Well, yeah, the whole genome reflects evolution, like a snapshot
reflects history. 

I meant that the way expressed traits interact at the organism level
with a changing environment, including multiple speciation and
reticulation events, cannot well be fully recovered by a snapshot of a
genome or a hundred genomes. You need more information about history and
environment than there is implied in the genome to get a truly adequate
grasp of evolution for a taxon.

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On 6/30/2010 6:13 AM, Richard Zander wrote:
> 3. even whole genome analysis does not reflect the course and 

> actualities of evolution, unless, of course, you redefine evolution.
Of course it reflects evolution. How could it not? As long as we
understand that the mirror is scratched and warped, we can still use it
usefully as a mirror.


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