[Taxacom] Windows PC and taxonomy

Curtis Clark lists at curtisclark.org
Fri Jul 2 21:04:43 CDT 2010

On 7/2/2010 4:58 PM, Bob Mesibov wrote:
> Thinking of a PC as a 'Windows machine' is typological. It's quick and easy to install one of the excellent Linux distributions on almost any PC, wiping Windows in the process. Think of it as replacing the entire genome in a cell, but keeping all the cytoarchitecture. The result is a faster-metabolising, more resource-efficient cell with superior immunity to virus attack and no need for intragenomic shuffling (hard drive defragmentation).
> Written from a PC running Linux Mint 8 Xfce.
Not to mention that you can run Windows on an Intel Macintosh, and in 
some ways it is supposedly faster and more stable than Dells or Lenovos. 
If only Macs were more affordable....

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