[Taxacom] Neanderthals a species? (was: barcode of life)

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Jul 2 22:36:19 CDT 2010


I wonder if you could clarify something.  You wrote:

>        These examples show how too many biologists still fail 
> to recognize just how difficult speciation actually is and 
> too often jump to the conclusion that differences 
> (morphological, genetic, or even
> behavioral) indicate speciation RATHER than subspeciation.        

It sounds (by use of the all-caps "RATHER") that you see the process of
speciation being fundamentally different from the process of subspeciation.
Is that an accurate interpretation of your views?  Or, do you see speciation
and subspeciation as different (perhaps overlapping) regions along a
continuum of processes of isolation and divergence that exist among extant
populations? (If you only emphasized "RATHER" as a way of disparaging
excessive splitting at the species level -- then we are of like-mind on this


P.S. I can't compete with the size of your P.S.'s, so I won't try.

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