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For info... a great project and a great place to work...  contact
details below... if I wasn't well past my use-by date, I would be
jumping at it and I certainly wouldn't be telling Taxacom about it...


Christmas Island National Park is recruiting a Manager for the
Christmas Island Minesite to Forest Rehabilitation (CIMFR) Program -
applications close 16th July 2010.

This innovative program rehabilitates former phosphate mine sites with
a mix of native rainforest species, in a truly unique environment.
Christmas Island is home to a unique rainforest ecosystem that
supports very high biodiversity with at least 225 species of endemic
animals and 25 species of endemic plants. It includes the last
remaining nesting habitat of the endangered Abbott's booby, and an
extraordinary abundance of land crabs.

The CIMFR program has been operating in its current form since 2004.
We are looking for a person to build on this successful  program, and
contribute to understanding and managing Christmas Island's unique
ecosystems. The successful applicant will be a botanist and/or
environmental manager, with experience relevant to management of
rehabilitation works, and ability to contribute to Christmas Island's
natural resource management programs.

Selection documentation and information about living on Christmas
Island is attached. Salary range is $70,446-$78,675 plus generous
remote localities allowance, annual leave fares assistance, and
superannuation. A house and use of vehicle are provided.

Contact Marjorie Gant, Manager, Christmas Island National Park for
further information - 0407 083 676. (marjorie.gant at environment.gov.au)

Apply on line at http://www.environment.gov.au/jobs/opportunities/index.html

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