[Taxacom] CoL and ZooBank

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Wed Jul 7 23:16:45 CDT 2010

I now know *one* reason why CoL is so wildly out of date and inaccurate for some arthropod taxa I follow: it doesn't source names from ZooBank:


Why? Any roadmaps in today's great seething mass of projects and acronyms for a linking? Or is that being put off pending completion of GNA or some other project?

And what happens when source databases (e.g. SysMyr) get orphaned, rapidly get out of date and inaccurate, yet persist as authoritative feed-in's? How do sources get dropped?

For that matter, how (thought experiment here) would a brand-new, specialist-built 'microdatabase' offering an authoritative classification of a particular group get noticed, accepted and incorporated into *any* of the many linked megaprojects?
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