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Hi Bob,

I can answer part of your question.  I submitted a small off-line database
to CoL two years ago (Droseraceae Database) - about 200 species and about
300 names.  There was some paperwork to fill in to agree the basis on which
the data were shared and there is an annual review process where I am asked
to update my data for the new CD.  Periodically there have been emails
giving me the opportunity to arrange review of my data by suggesting other
experts.  The process is pretty painless and seems aimed at helping would be
contributors.  Given the difficulty of getting reviewers to review single
scientific papers for journals it is a bigger challenge to find people who
will review whole databases.

There is a difference between 'authoritative' and 'best-on-offer' and I
think CoL have taken the pragmatic approach of using the best on offer while
continuing to look around to see what is there.  The partners - Catalogue of
Life and ITIS - are both easy to find on the web so a quick Google search
will track them down.  Realistically I think the onus is on would be
contributors to contact the database - but I know also that the compilers of
CoL do go looking for new sources so the process is arguably more active
than the Wiki approach.

Perhaps CoL need to set up an adoption process for orphaned databases to
ensure they don't go unloved for ever :-)



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Hi, Karen.

That's one of my questions part-answered, because I still don't know "what
happens when source databases (e.g. SysMyr) get orphaned, rapidly get out of
date and inaccurate, yet persist as authoritative feed-in's".

You also raise another question, because the Species 2000 site advises "all
databases go through a peer review process prior to being included". What
peer review process?
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