[Taxacom] CoL and ZooBank

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Jul 8 20:20:06 CDT 2010

I think that's a disingenuous assesment on your part, Stephen.  It's much
more a "trick" to include only part of a quote; especially one that excludes
the VERB of the sentence!  It is *not* a "trick" to make a statement about
what the effort is *intended* to be.  The only people who could possibly be
misled by the statements are the ones who read it out of context (as you
posted on Taxacom).  Perhaps you could tell me how these entities could
describe what their intentions are, in such a way that doesn't meet your
mischaracterization as "little disclaimers"?


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Well, in "misleading advertising land", little disclaimers like "is planned
to become" or "aims to create", although they technically do the trick, are
in reality just part of the toolkit of the rhetorician. At any rate, the
point is that if they continue doing things the way that they are currently
doing things, then their plans and aims, even if achieved, will in reality
fall far short of being as good as what they imply...


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I realize you are intending to defend (somewhat) the acronyms.  But you of
all people, who are sensitive to quotes out of context, should be ashamed of
this bit of your recent post:

> I agree 
> that they can be rightly criticised for a bit of "misleading 
> advertising", i.e.
> >"a comprehensive catalogue of all known species of organisms 
> on Earth" 
> >(CoL) and "a uniform and validated index to the world's 
> known species" (Species2000)?

The first quote (CoL) is preceded by "is planned to become"; and the second
quote (Species2000) is preceeded by "aims to create".

Again, I realize the point of your post was to play Devil's advocate, and
defend the acronyms (somewhat); but it sort of falls flat when you
misrepresent the quotes as you did above.

I'm working on a much longer reply to Bob's posts now.



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