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Subject: Grad assistantship availability

With great surprise, the powers in the College have given me a graduate research assistantship at the doctoral candidate level.  The description is below.  There is an emphasis on collections management needs and there are preferred entomological taxonomic areas reflective of my interests and ongoing projects; these should not be considered exclusive.  The biomass insect projects involve dipterans, lepidopterans, and hemipterans, as well as parasitoids.  If any of you know of potentially interested students with strong a natural history interest, ambition, good humor, and willing to come to the northern plains!, please encourage them to at least inquire.  I am even willing to let them grind things for invisible strands, on occasion.  : )



Paul J. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor of Entomology

Insect Research Collection
1010 Rotunda Drive
Box 2207A, Agricultural Hall 219
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007, USA
tel: 605.688.4438; fax: 605.688.4602

Graduate Assistantship (Ph.D.) Announcement

Availability:  Fall 2010

Position:              Graduate Research Assistantship for PhD
                             Degree in Biological Science or Plant Science, 0.49% FTE

Location:             Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection, Plant Science Department, South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota

Qualifications: B.S. with M.S. (or equivalent degrees) in Entomology, Zoology, Biology, or closely related discipline.  A strong entomological or arachnological background in zoological taxonomy is preferred. Candidates must meet academic requirements of the SDSU Graduate School and the Plant Science Department.  The selected candidate will be expected to work independently, collaboratively, and with a diversity of people in the field, lab, and in the public.

Description:  This position is focused toward collections management and arthropod faunistics.  The Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection (http://nathist.sdstate.edu) is the largest arthropod collection in the northern plains and is in need of significant and challenging improvements.  The collection is undergoing relocation to new quarters and requires considerable effort in basic curation and organization, including new specimen accessions, specimen data capture, imaging, webpage composition, and database compilation. Current regional research conducted through the SMIRC is on biodiversity survey and inventories of Coleoptera, Neuropteroids, and Hymenoptera (Apoidea) of the Black Hills ecoregion of western South Dakota; on insects associated with native prairie plants grown for biomass feedstock production; and arachnids statewide.  International opportunities exist and others are encouraged.  Preferred research and dissertation/thesis topics would be in these taxonomic fields or collection management.  Other expectations include individual and collaborative efforts on publications, proposals to support specialized research elements or opportunities, and assistance in oversight of hourly workers.  An enthusiasm for exploratory fieldwork and empirical biodiversity studies in uncomfortable conditions is good.  An ability to work effectively across multiple computer platforms is a plus.

Stipend and Tuition:  Current Plant Science Dept. stipend rate for a PhD candidate is $20,778 per annum.  Graduate research assistants receive a two-thirds tuition remission.

Initial Application:  Send a thoughtful and well-written, printed, and signed cover letter that describes your scientific interests and experiences, and that also includes a statement of professional objectives, and informative descriptions of collection or taxonomic experiences.  With this letter submit a current resumé or CV, a list of 3-5 personal references of a professional status (including e-mail address and telephone), and copies of academic transcripts (unofficial is fine).  Submission of these materials does not constitute an application to or acceptance by the SDSU Graduate School.  Send materials to:

Dr. Paul J. Johnson
Insect Research Collection, Box 2207A, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD  57007; paul.johnson at sdstate.edu

South Dakota State University is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity of its faculty, staff and students. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  Arrangements for accommodations required by disabilities can be made at 605/688-4504 (TTY 605/688-4394).

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