[Taxacom] an uneasy relationship between taxonomy and wikipedia

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I have only just glanced at Rod's paperas yet, but it is a little disturbing 
that a text search for the term 'Wikispecies' turns up nothing. Wikipedia and 
Wikispecies are two very different parts of the same whole, so need to be 
considered separately for any comparisons. Currently, I am just beginning to 
find strategies for "splitting the load" between the two Wikis, with Wikispecies 
focussed on biodiversity and nomenclature, while Wikipedia focussed more on 
issues like distribution, evolutionary history, significance to humans, 
recognition, etc., etc. Currently, the biodiversity and nomenclatural info on 
Wikipedia is not as reliable as it is on Wikispecies (assuming, of course, that 
Wikispecies currently has info on that group)
Basically, I think Rod's paper (though, as I said, I haven't read it fully yet) 
is likely to be a bit premature ...

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I really enjoyed Rod Page's paper (you don't need to view the slideshow) and I 
warmly agree with his point of view (surprise!). The prospect of ongoing 
taxonomic conflicts in Wikipedia is real, but I think relatively unimportant. As 
long as taxonomists include pointers to the primary literature, the great 
rivalries and disputes can be played out mainly off-Wikipedia.

One anecdote won't demonstrate a trend (and Rod's stats are only indicative), 
but I know this one well: my wife is the volunteer records officer at the local 
arboretum. She maintains a geospatial database of the planted trees and shrubs. 
Where does she go first to check names and classification? Wikipedia. Where does 
she go if she notes a name-usage conflict? IPNI. Where does she look first for 
more information about a plant, besides its name and classification? Wikipedia.

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