[Taxacom] Fall bird migration (a disaster this year in the Gulf?)

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Sat Jul 17 02:38:07 CDT 2010

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> Not wanting to encourage a long thread nor downplay the magnitude 
> of the disaster if the fishing industry remains shut for 2-3 seasons
> it could very well offset much of the damage to marine ecosystems.
> Ditto for tourism and other drilling operations. IMHO millions of 
> humans going about their daily lives are more destructive than 
> major disasters.
> Best
> Jason 

Well, yesterday there was an expert here on tv, who explained 
that the authorities had wasted months by refusing offers of
established contemporary technology to clean up oil (the 
"not-invented-here-syndrome", or the "everything-is-better-in-
America-syndrome") and made things worse by messing about.

He said that history (from oil spills in the past, even when 
handled better) has shown that massive damage may still be found 
after ten years, and that in some spots recovery had not set 
in after twenty years.


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