[Taxacom] Examples for Eurasian-Australian distribution

Leopoldo Medina Domingo medina at rjb.csic.es
Thu Jul 22 03:21:33 CDT 2010

Rich, T. C. G. & Nicholls-Vuille, F.-L. (2001).Taxonomy and distribution 
of European /Damasonium/ (/Alismataceae/). /Edinburgh Journal of Botany/ 
*58*: 45-55.
Vuille, F.-L. 1987. Reproductive biology of the genus Damasonium 
(Alismataceae). Pl. Syst. Evol. 157: 63--71. L.

Kenneth Kinman escribió:
> Hi Oliver,
>       I don't really understand John's response that there are
> "innumerable" such cases.  My understanding of your question would be
> cases where a taxon has a disjunct distribution in Europe, China, and
> Australia, but NOT elsewhere.  If so, such cases would probably be
> relatively small in number.  The European species of Hygrobia is
> apparently also found in North Africa, which might tend to restrict such
> cases even further.   Off hand, I don't know of any other such cases,
> but I will give it more thought.             
>       Anyway, I would agree with you that this distribution is not the
> result of recent dispersal.  Since Hygrobia is a relatively primitive
> taxon, it most likely had a wider distribution in the past and many
> intermediate populations of Hygrobia (species or subspecies) simply went
> extinct due to (1) competition with certain (presumably more derived)
> taxa, and/or (2) loss of habitat which offered their particular
> requirements.  I would also add that it is perhaps possible that some
> intermediate species still exist, especially in southeastern Asia, which
> have simply not yet been discovered.  
>           ---------Cheers,
>                            Ken
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Oliver Hawlitschek wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I have a biogeographical question: the aquatic beetle genus Hygrobia
> (Dytiscoidea) is present with one species in Europe, one in China and
> four in Australia. 
> Does anybody know any other group of organisms showing a similar
> distribution? Probably, it is not the result of recent dispersal. 
> Thanks 
> Oliver Hawlitschek 
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