[Taxacom] online publishing

Jason Mate jfmate at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 06:00:04 CDT 2010

> Yes, but what trend? It is very noticeable that e-books 
> are at a stage where you need a dedicated reading device
> to be able to access your specific copy of your specific 
> purchase. Portability is at or close to zero.
> If nomenclature were to follow this trend it would develop 
> a dedicated nomenclatural-e-paper reading device so as to
> be able to access nomenclatural e-papers (formatted in 
> their very own e-format). This would no doubt help in 
> setting nomenclature (further) apart from the real world,
> but is that really so desirable?

Most if not all readers are PDF compatible. For good or for bad PDFs will become the defacto format for all books. This is not the same situation as with iTunes, and even then their MP4 format is easily converted to MP3 (so much for encryption). The news of an Amazon-Google controlled world are greatly exaggerated.
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