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Retailers like Amazon have been printing books on demand for some time now. So the technology is there for these permanent depositories to store physical copies of every book, easily and cheaply. Furthermore these copies can be printed on archival paper and ink so the process is a bonus. Its just a question of money...
As for altering PDFs, it is feasible but they can be protected (how effectively who knows). And in any case you can also alter documents, probably even more convincingly. If you only have one copy, regardless of the medium, you have nothing else to go on so how can you be sure of its veracity?

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> > It is not about formats: it is about reading content online 
> > rather than hard cover.
> > If it where about format, then I would make the argument and 
> > stress, that, just as you point out with your discussion below, 
> > should not have it own format but be rather generic and 
> > with the content with some basic semantic mark-up. 
> > The other point is, that it has to be open access and 
> > archived somewhere with a high probability of sustainability.
> > Donat
> ***
> For nomenclatural purposes, it is first and foremost about permanence:
> the guarantee that the document has not been altered.
> As pointed out before, one of the ways to assure this for electronic
> documents would be to have copies (of the entire publication, or at 
> least of the nomenclaturally relevant part) deposited, at publication,
> in a central archive. Ideally this archive would be on-line, open access, etc. Another, lesser, option would be to extend special 
> recognition to some high-quality e-journals, each with its own
> permanent archive. 
> Otherwise, without deposited copies, it IS about formats, formats that 
> guarantee an unaltered document. Whether that is possible? I guess that even with quite limited means, PDFs can be altered: those with more 
> technical ability could be probably be quite convincing.
> Paul
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