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For what it is worth, the American Malacological Society published The
Mollusks: A Guide to Their Study, Collection, and Preservation in 2006.
Since it was published it has been available as a print on demand book and
in an electronic format. The paper version outsells the electronic version
by about 19:1.

>> Yes, but what trend? It is very noticeable that e-books
>> are at a stage where you need a dedicated reading device
>> to be able to access your specific copy of your specific
>> purchase. Portability is at or close to zero.
>> If nomenclature were to follow this trend it would develop
>> a dedicated nomenclatural-e-paper reading device so as to
>> be able to access nomenclatural e-papers (formatted in
>> their very own e-format). This would no doubt help in
>> setting nomenclature (further) apart from the real world,
>> but is that really so desirable?
> Most if not all readers are PDF compatible. For good or for bad PDFs will
> become the defacto format for all books. This is not the same situation as
> with iTunes, and even then their MP4 format is easily converted to MP3 (so
> much for encryption). The news of an Amazon-Google controlled world are
> greatly exaggerated.
> Best
> Jason
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Charlie Sturm
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Carnegie Museum of Natural History
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