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Aan: Dave Roberts
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Dear Dave,

that is not quite true. With paper the problems were fairly quickly
recognized and a library system grew that marked dates of receipt
and that securely filed copies.

Who is to mark dates of receipt and securely file copies of e-only
publications? That is the big question.

Focusing on formats is likely to just generate a headache, but if
there is no clarity on the filing of e-only publications, it is
inevitable to look at formats ...


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Dear Paul,

the same criticisms could have been made of paper, especially in the 
early days of printing.

Paper copies do not guarantee permanence and have a significant upkeep 
cost.  It is also very hard to access.  It is hard to find a usable 
original from the 1930s from Russia these days because of the acid 
content of the paper.  We have photocopies that preserve the content.

Its not about formats: its about confidence.

Cheers,  Dave
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> Van: Donat Agosti [mailto:agosti at amnh.org]
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>> It is not about formats: it is about reading content online
>> rather than hard cover.
>> If it where about format, then I would make the argument and
>> stress, that, just as you point out with your discussion below,
>> should not have it own format but be rather generic and
>> with the content with some basic semantic mark-up.
>> The other point is, that it has to be open access and
>> archived somewhere with a high probability of sustainability.
>> Donat
> ***
> For nomenclatural purposes, it is first and foremost about permanence:
> the guarantee that the document has not been altered.
> As pointed out before, one of the ways to assure this for electronic
> documents would be to have copies (of the entire publication, or at
> least of the nomenclaturally relevant part) deposited, at publication,
> in a central archive. Ideally this archive would be on-line, open 
> access, etc. Another, lesser, option would be to extend special
> recognition to some high-quality e-journals, each with its own
> permanent archive.
> Otherwise, without deposited copies, it IS about formats, formats that
> guarantee an unaltered document. Whether that is possible? I guess 
> that even with quite limited means, PDFs can be altered: those with 
> more
> technical ability could be probably be quite convincing.
> Paul
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