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Line drawings can be created in the XML-based scalable vector graphic (SVG) format. They have the benefit over JPG format by allowing lossless scaling of the image. Inkscape (www.inkscape.org) is an open-source vector graphic editor and is well worth checking out.


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> The ideal for images would be JPEG2000 (JP2) or TIF, with embedded metadata.  With JP2 you can bundle custom XML and other descriptive metadata into each image, describe Regions Of Interest (ROI), and other neat tricks for making an image self-contained - the image can stand alone for preservation purposes and even better, contain rich information about the publication in which it was originally published or even how it was generated.  There's an open source image server called djatoka that works great for serving JP2 images.  
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> Richard Pyle wrote:
> "My vote is for XML using UTF-8 encoding as the standard we ought to adopt for archival electronic documents."
> Another vote here for UTF-8 with XML markup for text and tables (spreadsheets). What about images?
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